Information Style workshops

Do you feel compelled to read cereal packets at breakfast?

How may tabs do you have open at one time when browsing the internet?

Can you always lay your hands on information you found recently?

How we find, use, manage and share information differs. Perhaps you are someone that your friends always call on during quizzes for having a great knowledge of trivia. Or you're the person in the office who is known to have that 'lost' document in the paper pile on your desk? Or are you always passing on links via social networking?

Whatever your information style, understanding it better means you can work more efficiently and know where your strengths and weaknesses are and when to call in other help. If this sounds interesting, then this workshop's for you!

Aimed at anyone who has to find, use, manage or share information, whatever the size of the organisation, this workshop will help you identify your information styles and those of your colleagues.

You will gain

- an understanding of what information styles are
- why understanding your information style is important
- where your information style is put to best use
- where and when you might need support in finding, managing or sharing information
- who best to partner with for maximum benefit when working with information
- strategies you can take away and implement

emmersons offers these workshops both for a mix of people from different organisations and for those working within the same business. Once we know who is attending we tailor the workshop so that it will be specifically relevant to the attendees involved.