Banks lose interest when you close an account

natwest piggy banks

from flickr Creative Commons: ©wwarby2007

It’s January and time to do my tax return.  Now that I am banking online with e-statements I realised I’m missing the tax certificates which used to get sent out each April/May.  I had a good look online at my e-statements but this information seems to be missing – bank customer service advisors, please take note, this is useful information for your customers to be able to access easily!

The next hurdle is to get the information out of the banks – in this case Natwest and Alliance & Leicester (A&L).

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Dentists have their own flossify on sharing patient records…

from flickr Creative Commons: ©D Sharon Pruitt

‘Scuse the bad pun but something about this post needed to be lighthearted.

The good news is that I have managed to get registered with an NHS dentist in Crewkerne.  However my joy was short-lived when I discovered that NHS dentists do not transfer patient records.

I’m still trying to work out why this is ‘standard procedure’ (and therefore OK?) as the receptionist at my old dentist in Sheffield assured me…

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Online Information 09

Online Information Exhibition 2009

from flickr Creative Commons: ©keepthebyte2009

emmersons visited the Online Information Exhibition at Olympia from 1 – 3 December 2009.  It was the first visit to this annual show, and very worthwhile!  As well as browsing the stands and picking up a few stocking filler freebies (well it was that time of year), there was ample opportunity to meet and chat with fellow information professionals, find out more about getting published (FreePint & FUMSI in particular), meet some of the names in the industry and also mingle with fellow Information Professionals from across the pond and elsewhere at the AIIP President’s breakfast.

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‘Have I got Information News for You!’ – Video

‘Have I got Information News for You!’  This is a 25 minute presentation which emmersons was asked to give to the Digital Entrepreneurs as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.  It is an interactive introduction explaining the importance of good information management in helping to prevent business disasters.  The audience was mixed creative and digital businesses based in Sheffield.

Have I got Information News for You? Preventing business disasters through better information management from Fiona Wilson on Vimeo.

If you want something similar for your organisation, please contact emmersons: or look at our training pagesTalks and workshops can be tailored to suit your needs – just let us know what you want!

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To tweet or not to tweet

Just posted a reply to Sathnam Sanghera’s Times Online article about twitter not being right for business:

He seems to have totally ignored the small business sector when writing this article!  Strange, as they contribute a significant amount to the country’s economy.  Stats dated May 2008 from the Federation of Small Businesses indicate how much:

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Simple but effective!

I’d like to share one of my bugbears.  It’s something which annoys me because it seems so simple yet is something which has been totally overlooked by companies, organisations and technical people.  How often do you download a PDF  – perhaps an e-ticket for flights booked or your insurance documents – and the file appears on the desktop with some totally generic or random name?:

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Welcome to Crewkerne Train Station – don’t break your neck!

What went through the mind of the person who slipped on the platform? The floor. Last year 77 people fell on our platforms.  Don't let this trip be your last.

I always wonder what people think of their welcome to Crewkerne station, Somerset.  They roll through the beautiful south west countryside and pull into the Victorian station halt.

Here they descend from the train to be greeted with this in prime position on the platform wall:

Compare this with the much less professionally produced noticeboard placed strategically at the exit in the ticket office at Arundel station in Sussex:

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Would you Adam & Eve it, someone’s gorn and half-inched Old Father Thames!

You gotta be having a bobble!  It seems that someone at TfL forgot to use their loaf when redesigning the map for the oxo cube.  Commuters had better kick up a pen and ink or TfL will lose them to the frog and toad…

OK, enough of the Cockney Rhyming slang (see below if you need a translation!).  However, the point still remains that the new redesign of the London Tube map has removed, what is for many people, key information about the system: namely the River Thames and the zoning information.

Spot the difference – which do you prefer and why? (click to enlarge)

Standard Tube Map March 2009

Revised Tube Map Sep 2009 with River Thames and fare zone info removed

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Which would get your vote?

In our quest for finding something to watch at the Edinburgh Festival (see the post ‘Looking for laughs in Auld Reekie’) I collected the following flyers.  Well, you can’t quell information gathering instincts if you’re a natural information gatherer!  I’ve reproduced them here to see what you think about which show you would have chosen and I’d love your comments about why. You can see a larger version if you click each image.

1. Alex Maple’s Press Release flyer

Alex Maple's Press Release flyer

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Looking for laughs in Auld Reekie

Edinburgh Festival

from flickr Creative Commons: ©

Princes’ Street, Edinburgh, Saturday 15th August 2009. We’re surrounded by a throng of people – all ages, nationalities, some dressed up in random outfits or carrying outlandish props, others clutching their Starbucks coffee observing the jugglers and street performers entertaining people all along the street.  We’re first timers at the Edinburgh Festival, and have done no prior research on what we might want to see.  But we’re here and we definitely want to see something.

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