Looking for MORE laughs in Auld Reekie!

August 2010: We’re back!

Having enjoyed the trip to the Edinburgh Festival last year, we thought we’d give it another try.  And what a difference a year makes in terms of planning the shows.  So what’s different?

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Workshop: Facebook for Parents

3 teenage girls with a laptop + facebook logo

  • Are you a parent with children who use Facebook?
  • Do you know what they talk about online?
  • Do you know who their ‘friends’ are?  Do they?
  • Do you worry that they are sharing too much of their personal information?
  • Do they know how to choose from Facebook’s 150 privacy settings to keep their information safe?Join our workshop and find out how to keep your children safe online.

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World Cup betting

World cup betting postcard from urbantraveller on flickr

from flickr with permission from Urbantraveller: ©2010 Urbantraveller.
See more at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10867528@N03/sets/72157624215173400/

Although England are out of the World Cup, I still fancied a flutter on the games and decided to take advantage of the free and low-risk bets offered by various betting sites.

If ever a business needed to take lessons in making information accessible, it’s these online bookies! I was obviously starting at a disadvantage, knowing very little about odds and the language of betting, and also little about football (I still haven’t fathomed the offside rule…)

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Workshop: Family History Research Online: getting started

Marian BARBER & Arthur THOMAS, photographed in 1895, Fargate, Sheffield & photographer's details

Marian BARBER (later NIXON) & Arthur THOMAS, photographed in 1895, Fargate, Sheffield

  • Want to use family history websites?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • Feel overwhelmed by ancestry and genesreunited?

Join us for this introductory workshop where you’ll learn:

  • about some of the popular family history websites
  • where to start your research
  • what records to look for
  • where to find them
  • search tips to find those relatives who seem to have gone missing

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Weight not, want not

Graze.com homepage

Here’s a great example of a company using the information you give it to customise its products to suit you better.

I wanted to share this link with you primarily because I love the product, the company website and am impressed with how they are using information from their customers to personalise their product and enhance the customer experience.  I picked this up via twitter from a nearby business that raved about their free ‘grazebox’.  Curiosity and the offer of a free trial box got the better of me and led me to explore their site.

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Talk: Ten Top Tips for Managing your Business Information Better

tag cloud

  • How often do you waste time trying to find that file ‘that was there somewhere’?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that you have to deal with each week?
  • Would you like to be able to find the right information in the right place at the right time?

Join Fiona Wilson of emmersons Ltd for a FREE Bitesize session to pick up Ten Top Tips for Managing your Business Information Better, enabling you to free up your time and get on with your job.

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Workshop: Social Media & Young People: keeping your children safe online

Child with mouse using computer

emmersons and Kevin Morgan Associates are delighted to present a workshop for foster carers and social workers about how to keep your young people safe when using social media.

You will doubtless be aware of the amazing rise and great potential of the new social networking media: MSN Messenger; Facebook; Twitter; MySpace; Bebo; and the others. Instant and continuous communication has its purposes and is obviously a great attraction to children and young people. However, the technology has its risks and some caution is required to ensure safe use.

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Estate agents….

To Let signs

from flickr Creative Commons: ©2009 Boyce Duprey

Estate agents are the perfect example of why intermediaries are best avoided when dealing with information exchange.

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You write a great Press Release…then the Journalists get hold of it!

It’s been great to see ourselves in print and on the web advertising for our Jelly event.   However, in my quest for sharing accurate information, my new target is journalists. They surely have a responsibility to portray the information you provide for them as correctly as possible, yet this doesn’t seem to be the outcome in the real world.  Doing the ‘Jelly’ press release has taught me a few things:

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All set for Jelly!

Dean Holling & Fiona Wilson in The Monks Yard workspace

Dean Holling & Fiona Wilson toasting the first Ilminster Jelly in The Monks Yard workspace ©2010 The Monks Yard

Yesterday I had a lot of fun posing with jelly beans to provide photos for highlighting this month’s free Jelly at The Monks Yard, Horton Cross near Ilminster on Thursday 18 February 2010.

Those of you following me on twitter (@emmersons) will have seen a number of Jelly related posts.  Curious about what this is and how it relates to my normal information postings?  Read on and the mystery will be solved!

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