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Order & structure in the midst of chaos and disaster

It’s always of interest to me to see ways in which data can be turned into information which can become knowledge. In cases of disaster zones or health scares, it is so important that real-time and geographically located data is captured, mapped and then re-used to aid decision-making. While many of us are aware of [...]

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The life of a Digital Nomad

As someone who can work solely via a laptop and internet connection, I am not restricted to working in one place.  I’ve also been contracted as a Digital Mentor with Cosmic and as such have been running Jelly in various locations across Devon.  Here’s a brief montage of my offices since the beginning of the [...]

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Online Information 09

emmersons visited the Online Information Exhibition at Olympia from 1 – 3 December 2009.  It was the first visit to this annual show, and very worthwhile!  As well as browsing the stands and picking up a few stocking filler freebies (well it was that time of year), there was ample opportunity to meet and chat [...]

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