You can read all about emmersons here, but this page is for me to introduce myself and give you some background about how and why I have become an information management consultant.

Fiona Wilson


I’m Fiona Wilson, Director of emmersons ltd.  After a degree in Psychology at the University of Sheffield and several years working for the Careers Service there, I decided to study for an Information Management Masters degree.  Information Management sits between Librarianship and Information Systems, covering a broad range of subjects such as business research, information literacy, findability, information flow, IT & databases and project management.

I have always tended towards books and written information.  As the daughter of a publisher, growing up in Cambridge, UK, I was surrounded by books, magazines and journals.  I loved visiting the mobile library as a child and have a tendency to want to organise DVD collections alphabetically, and books by genre.  All of these elements hinted at a natural tendency to interact with information and want to categorise and order it.  In other words, an information geek!

My Masters degree confirmed my love for managing information but also an ability to see through the chaos of uncategorised business information and bring order and rationality to it.  I love helping people who feel overwhelmed by a messy desktop or shared folder to organise the files and documents in a way that makes sense to them and that they will be able to use effectively.