Order & structure in the midst of chaos and disaster

6 photos showing images related to Ebola and data mapping

Images used with permission from Flickr Creative Commons. See https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

It’s always of interest to me to see ways in which data can be turned into information which can become knowledge. In cases of disaster zones or health scares, it is so important that real-time and geographically located data is captured, mapped and then re-used to aid decision-making. While many of us are aware of health workers who have gone out to West Africa to aid the fight against the Ebola virus, did you also know that teams of data workers are also out there, mapping the on-the-ground info and co-ordinating the information management to help understand where need is greatest and explain how the virus has spread. Read more in this article from The Telegraph about how powerful geolocated data becomes in disaster zones – and the challenges that the data mappers face: Data mapping in disaster zones

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