What to do when you want weather in the past not the future?

Map of Colwyn Bay showing location of weather station and options to search by hour in past

Options to search weather in the past

As a Brit, I naturally have an obsession with the weather. As Basil Brush said, “What a lot of weather we’ve been having recently!” This month though I had cause to find out what the weather had been like hour by hour over the previous week.

Thanks to a tweet to the Met Office, I learnt of the Bureau of Meteorology Weather Observations Website allowing you to search by different variants at specific locations in the UK (and beyond?) on an hourly basis. So the graphic above (click to enlarge) shows that the nearest weather station to my point of interest of Pwllycrochan Woods, Colwyn Bay between 9 and 9:59 am on 9 Dec 2014 recorded the temperature as 7 degrees.

Absolutely amazing use of info!

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