The struggling High Street….

Photo of the shop, Republic, in Yeovil Somerset - closed with no info for public on opening hours

We all know that high streets have had a difficult few years feeling the pinch from the recession and the switch to online shopping. However it can be hard to feel too much sympathy when at times shops don’t appear to do much to help themselves. Based in the rural southwest, the shops here tend to have shorter opening times. The photo above was taken at 5:10 pm, 7 August 2012. It wasn’t the only shop already closed at that time of day.

Moreover, there was no information in the window about when the opening times are so that shoppers can plan a return trip. For those in full time employment at places with no flexibility, it becomes very hard for them to shop on the high street other than at the weekend.

Even when practicalities mean that shops cannot compete with those in the larger cities, providing customers with a little info might prevent them making that switch fully to shopping online. Just a thought.

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