The life of a Digital Nomad

As someone who can work solely via a laptop and internet connection, I am not restricted to working in one place.  I’ve also been contracted as a Digital Mentor with Cosmic and as such have been running Jelly in various locations across Devon.  Here’s a brief montage of my offices since the beginning of the year:

Monks Yard, Ilminster, Somerset various dates
Various photos of The Monks Yard workspace

Home office. various dates
Home office

Kochel am See, Germany, 19 Jan 2011
Workstation at Kochel am See, Germany with snowy view through window

Coffee Republic, Newton Abbot, 24 Jan 2011
Venue at Coffee Republic for Newton Abbot coworking 'Jelly'

Boston Tea Party, Barnstaple, 25 Jan 2011
Room used for Jelly coworking event, Boston Tea Party, Barnstaple, Devon

Yeovil Innovation Centre, Yeovil, 26 Jan 2011
Montage of various Jelly rooms and facilities at the Yeovil Innovation Centre

Exmouth Business & Wellbeing Centre, Exmouth,
27 Jan 2011
Jelly room at Exmouth Wellbeing + Business Centre

The Barrel House, Totnes, 1 Feb 2011
Inside of and view from The Barrelhouse, Totnes, Devon

The Ilfracombe Centre, Ilfracombe, 3 Feb 2011
Room location for Jelly coworking at The Ilfracombe Centre, Ilfracombe, Devon

River Cottage Canteen, Axminster, 7 Feb 2011
River Cottage Canteen, Axminster, Devon

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