Dropbox – helping you manage your information on the move

I have revolutionised my working life! My fellow Digital mentors at Cosmic have introduced me to Dropbox – perfect for those of you who work on the move, as a digital nomad.

Dropbox is an application which allows you to host your files on its servers ‘out in the cloud’ with local copies downloaded onto your different devices: desktop computer, laptop and smartphone.  Each time a file is changed and resaved locally, it automatically resyncs with the Dropbox servers and updates the other local folders next time those devices are online. This also means that your files are automatically backed  separately from your machine. So losing your laptop does not mean losing your information.

No more transferring files via shared folders or USB sticks.  No more getting confused about which copy is the latest version or wondering how many duplicates you’ve created in copying documents from one place to another.  You can also share links to files with others to put an end to emailing endless copies of a collaborative document.

The beauty of having a local folder on your laptop/phone, is that you can still work on your documents even without an internet connection.  Simply make sure you reconnect that device first as soon as you get linked back to the internet to ensure it resyncs the updated documents before you open them on a different machine.

And, Dropbox have also done well using word of mouth advertising.  You can earn yourself a free 250MB of storage space for each person you refer.  Anyone can get a free dropbox account with 2GB of space(pplus any extra earned for up to 8 referrals).  I’ve found it so useful that I’ve upgraded to the paid version to store 50GB of data.  £5-6 per month to free up my time & mental energy and increase my productivity, is a good return on investment!

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