Looking for MORE laughs in Auld Reekie!

August 2010: We’re back!

Having enjoyed the trip to the Edinburgh Festival last year, we thought we’d give it another try.  And what a difference a year makes in terms of planning the shows.  So what’s different?

1) We’re better prepared
This time we got hold of a programme ahead of time so we could browse it at home

2) The website is more user friendly
…or we never thought to check it out when on the ground and in the thick of it last year

3) iphones & iphone apps
We didn’t possess iphones in 2009.  Now with the developments in technology we can easily search for and pull up the information we need, wherever we are, whether relaxing at home with a cuppa or out and about at the Festival itself.  Saves hunting through reams of paper too.

4) Online bookings
This year we booked our tickets online – no queueing up and standing about.  True, we missed the slightly chaotic buzz of various performers thrusting flyers at us, but all in all it made for a tranquil, easy, streamlined experience.


We managed 3 shows in the weekend instead of just the one – better prepared, better technology, better use of information – better experience all round!

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