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Although England are out of the World Cup, I still fancied a flutter on the games and decided to take advantage of the free and low-risk bets offered by various betting sites.

If ever a business needed to take lessons in making information accessible, it’s these online bookies! I was obviously starting at a disadvantage, knowing very little about odds and the language of betting, and also little about football (I still haven’t fathomed the offside rule…)

For me, with this as a whole new world, I soon found myself completely bamboozled about what to do once on a betting website.   Information-wise, they don’t make it easy for a novice to navigate or to understand what on earth the bets mean or how to place one! I’m not sure whether this is a deliberate tactic in order to confuse people in the hope they’ll place daft bets as a result….or perhaps it works to ensure that only the determined actually complete the transaction and place the bet? Whatever the psychology, I certainly could never get addicted – I’d get too frustrated first by not being able to work out what to do!

However, as a case study in attracting and keeping new customers, these sites illustrate how not to make someone feel at ease with spending money online.
It’s unsettling not to understand where to click or what odds you are actually committing to. There is little explanation of basic betting terms or the calculation of odds, which makes it difficult for a novice to make an informed decision!

The result?

I used up my free credits, won nothing and would be unlikely to try again as the whole experience was not enjoyable.  Not a great example of customer service!

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