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Here’s a great example of a company using the information you give it to customise its products to suit you better.

I wanted to share this link with you primarily because I love the product, the company website and am impressed with how they are using information from their customers to personalise their product and enhance the customer experience.  I picked this up via twitter from a nearby business that raved about their free ‘grazebox’.  Curiosity and the offer of a free trial box got the better of me and led me to explore their site.

Once you sign up, you can then rate the products on their site to ensure that you never get sent anything you don’t like (for me, that’s Brazil nuts, eugh!).  They have all sorts of combinations of nibbles, all nutritiously balanced and it includes chocolate for the chocoholics amongst us!  There are even unfamiliar titbits such as goji berries.  Once you have tried your free box, you then rate what you were sent.  It’s a great way of giving them feedback to customise what you then receive. You can also dictate what you want them to send next time, by saying ‘Send this soon’ (when I did this, there was a definite bias towards chocolate related snacks….! )

You can also dictate the frequency of grazebox delivery and easily push deliveries back or postpone them if you’re going away.  It makes it very flexible as you’re not having to sign up to a contracted period.

Each time you receive a grazebox, they encourage you to rate the snacks you received – either ‘Love’ (send often); ‘Like’ (send occasionally); ‘Try it’ (self-explanatory!) & ‘Never send’.  The more information you give them about your personal tastes, the more satisfactory your experience.  I would be fascinated to see how their database works, both in terms of storing the information and how this personal customisation is then retrieved by the people (or machines?) making up the boxes to send out.  It would be interesting to know how much of this is done by human hand and how much is automated?  Either way the result is great – very high customer satisfaction…and a healthier waistline!

They have also embraced social media as a marketing tool, relying (in part) on their customers to spread the word via twitter & facebook.  To this end they allocate each customer a unique code that they can pass on.  New customers get to try a box for free, with a 2nd one half-price and the original customer then receives £1 off a grazebox (or they can choose to donate it to the Rainforest Alliance) for each new customer that signs up via their code.  Doubly-clever as this code then allows Graze to trace which of their customers are making the most referrals and where these are taking place.

All in all, this is a great product AND an exemplary way of how to make customer information work for both a better customer experience and more efficient marketing!  Full marks to Graze.  So, if you’d like to try a grazebox, you know I’m going to want to share my code!  Sign up at www.graze.com and enter the code 6TJ66P6N to try this for free, with a 2nd box half-price!

Happy grazing!

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