You write a great Press Release…then the Journalists get hold of it!

It’s been great to see ourselves in print and on the web advertising for our Jelly event.   However, in my quest for sharing accurate information, my new target is journalists. They surely have a responsibility to portray the information you provide for them as correctly as possible, yet this doesn’t seem to be the outcome in the real world.  Doing the ‘Jelly’ press release has taught me a few things:

  • however print-ready you think it is, the journalists will always change it slightly
  • the Editor’s Notes are a very useful place for spelling out information to the journalist and I intend to use these to greater advantage in the future
  • you have little control over what is actually printed, especially if there is a tight print deadline
  • you have to be tenacious and annoying and spend a good amount of time hassling the journalist to see what they’ll print ahead of time (I failed at this one!)

Despite this, we haven’t done badly and it’s good to have the information out there in good enough form to publicise the event.  However next time the Editor’s Notes will stress that this is not a formal networking event (‘Jelly good time at networking event’) nor quite a ‘drop-in event for business homeworkers’.  Interestingly, both are close to the mark but give those who know nothing about ‘Jelly’  slightly the wrong idea.  What it should have stressed is that it’s a co-working day which means that it’s an informal event for people who want a change of environment to come and work together.

Perhaps I’m just too much of a perfectionist, but correct information and responsibility for passing on information correctly is important to me!

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