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Estate agents….

Estate agents are the perfect example of why intermediaries are best avoided when dealing with information exchange.

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You write a great Press Release…then the Journalists get hold of it!

It’s been great to see ourselves in print and on the web advertising for our Jelly event.   However, in my quest for sharing accurate information, my new target is journalists. They surely have a responsibility to portray the information you provide for them as correctly as possible, yet this doesn’t seem to be the [...]

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All set for Jelly!

Yesterday I had a lot of fun posing with jelly beans to provide photos for highlighting this month’s free Jelly at The Monks Yard, Horton Cross near Ilminster on Thursday 18 February 2010. Those of you following me on twitter (@emmersons) will have seen a number of Jelly related posts.  Curious about what this is [...]

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