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‘Have I got Information News for You!’ – Video

‘Have I got Information News for You!’  This is a 25 minute presentation which emmersons was asked to give to the Digital Entrepreneurs as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.  It is an interactive introduction explaining the importance of good information management in helping to prevent business disasters.  The audience was mixed creative and digital businesses [...]

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To tweet or not to tweet

Just posted a reply to Sathnam Sanghera’s Times Online article about twitter not being right for business: He seems to have totally ignored the small business sector when writing this article!  Strange, as they contribute a significant amount to the country’s economy.  Stats dated May 2008 from the Federation of Small Businesses indicate how [...]

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Simple but effective!

I’d like to share one of my bugbears.  It’s something which annoys me because it seems so simple yet is something which has been totally overlooked by companies, organisations and technical people.  How often do you download a PDF  – perhaps an e-ticket for flights booked or your insurance documents – and the file appears [...]

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